Alert MapBiomas

MapBiomas Alerta is a system of validating and refining alerts about deforestation, degradation and the regeneration of native vegetation with high resolution images. In this version, the alerts generated in all the Brazilian biomes are collected and used as a reference to locate the focuses of deforestation in the high resolution images generated daily. Each validated alert generates a report which provides images of before and after the deforestation, possible cross references with areas of Brazil’s Rural Environmental Register, CAR (Cadastro Ambiental Rural), the National Conservation Unit Registry CNUC (Cadastro Nacional de Unidades de Conservação) and other geographical boundaries (e.g. biomes, states, water basins).

The proposed effect is to generate documentation for alerts on deforestation similar to the photos of car number plates in traffic violation notifications. This should boost the effectiveness and speed up measures taken by the diverse bodies using the system.

MapBiomas Alerta is not another system for providing alerts on deforestation, but rather an effort to leverage the usability and effectiveness of alerts that have already been generated.

The data produced are public and may be accessed free of charge via the platform: