Cities and Territories

We live in an increasingly urban world. By the middle of the century 6 billion people will live in cities. In Brazil, more than 170 million people – around 85% of the population, already do. This reality aggravates already complex problems, such as inequality, lack of infrastructure and the unsustainable consumption of natural resources. And it makes it more difficult for governments to provide services that meet public needs.

But cities are not an obstacle to a better future. On the contrary. They concentrate the human, economic and technological resources that can revolutionize the way we live. With incentives for innovation, committed leaders and the participation of society, we can create fairer, healthier and more prosperous environments for everyone.

In the Cities and Territories programme we support initiatives that stimulate innovation in public administration and participation of the public in the transformation of cities. 

The challenges faced by the municipalities will only be overcome if we turn to innovation. Not as something unreachable, but rather as an opportunity for us to be more effective in rendering services for society.”

Edvaldo Nogueira, mayor of Aracaju (SE), a municipality that participates in the Inova Cidades Forum



Promote the creation, financing and expansion of use of innovative solutions by local governments to promote sustainability in cities.


Organize networks and initiatives that enable changes in the regulatory environment and that boost innovation in the country’s municipalities.


Support partnerships and networks that mobilize civil society and influence decision makers engaged in urban sustainability, participative democracy and public administration.


People. Planet. Prosperity. Partner. Peace. These are the perspectives addressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They constitute a global agenda comprising 17 goals and 160 targets to be achieved by 2030. The SDGs were agreed on in 2015 during the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development. Our programmes are aimed at contributing to the achievement of these goals. Below we highlight the priority SDGs for the Cities and Territories program.

Erradicação da Pobreza
Fome zero e agricultura sustentável
Saúde e bem-estar
Educação de qualidade
Igualdade de gênero
Água potável e saneamento
Energia limpa e acessível
Trabalho decente e crescimento econômico
Indústria, inovação e infraestrutura
Redução das desigualdades
Cidades e comunidades sustentáveis
Consumo e produção sustentáveis
Ação contra a mudança global do clima
Vida na água
Vida terrestre
Paz, justiça e instituições eficazes
Parcerias e meios de implementação

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