“We are living through one of the most challenging moments in mankind’s history. Climate change, new global geopolitics and conservatism in social customs are just some facets of this situation. We need the involvement of society, with altruism and a long-term vision, to continue to evolve as a civilization. Arapyaú has been one of the most important entities in Brazil in mobilizing society, inviting us to reflect and to act, to break down barriers and to jointly idealize a more prosperous future for everyone.” André Guimarães, co-facilitator of the Coalizão Brasil Clima, Florestas e Agricultura and executive director of the Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia.

“We used credit from Tabôa to create a cocoa processing unit. Before this, we used to sell certified organic cocoa for the same price as the regular product. Now with the refined cocoa, the price of the arroba has increased from R$ 140 to R$ 270, doubling the income of the producers participating in the project and transforming reality for their families. We started with four smallholders, today we have 25 and we want to reach 40 very shortly.” Rubens Costa de Jesus, agricultural producer in the Dois Riachões settlement, Ibirapitanga (BA)

“The work Gove does helps municipal governments to be more efficient in the use of technology. Our partnership and the support we have received from Arapyaú have been fundamental for us, especially in the beginning. Working with the public sector and with technology is an enormous challenge in our country. We need more institutions that, like Arapyaú, strengthen the innovation ecosystem for public administration.” Rodolfo Fiori, co-founder of GOVE

“The partnership of Good Energies Foundation with Arapyaú Foundation is invaluable, from joint strategic thinking, to insights and due diligence on organisations and partners in Brazil to pooled funding for projects of common interest. As a very small team based in Europe funding Brazilian organisations working on forests and sustainable land use, we leverage the in-depth local knowledge of the Arapyaú team and together use it to inform our global engagement.” Mireille Perrin, manager of the Good Energies Foundation’s Forests and Land Use programme

“We produced commodity cocoa for 60 years, and we initiated the fine flavour cocoa project ten years ago. We want to be a benchmark in quality cocoa. The creation of the Cocoa Innovation Centre was a gift for the producers who adopt this focus. And the pilot project for a consortium of producers, coordinated by Arapyaú, will help us to ensure the south of Bahia is recognized in Brazil and abroad as a region that produces quality cocoa.” Claudia Sá, manager of Agrícola Cantagalo, Itabuna (BA)