Territorial Development in the South of Bahia

The wealth, knowledge and beauties of the South of Bahia are inspiring. A key element in Brazil’s social and cultural heritage, the region’s exuberant coastline is delightful. Its Atlantic Rainfall forests are home to one of the largest biodiversity areas on the planet. But this privileged territory has been facing economic, social and environmental challenges since the crisis which shook the region’s cocoa economy in the 1990s. Now it is seeking new ways to generate well-being for its people and to preserve its nature.

We believe that the vocations of the south of Bahia constitute the force it requires to build a more prosperous future. And we want to contribute towards making the Cocoa Coast a benchmark in sustainable development. 

In the South of Bahia Territorial Development programme, we work with a network of partners in core areas for sustainability: economic development, public administration, education and community entrepreneurship.

A The Cocoa Coast

The Cocoa Coast has ten municipalities with around 500,000 inhabitants. Our activities are concentrated around Itacaré, Uruçuca, Ilhéus, Una and Canaveiras.

Cabruca Cocoa   

Cabruca is the forest cocoa. A production system aged over 200 years in which the cocoa is cultivated in the shade of the trees of the Atlantic Rainforest, which enables its conservation.



Support the region’s economic development by reinforcing and boosting the cocoa and chocolate chain.


Foster social entrepreneurship through the offer of financial services, training and support for socioenvironmental projects


Support initiatives that leverage public administration and local community actions aimed at improving basic municipal education.


Support initiatives that strengthen public administrators and civil society in promoting efficiency in public administration.


Strengthen governance and the institutional arrangements necessary to implement and monitor the Regional Development Plan.


People. Planet. Prosperity. Partner. Peace. These are the perspectives addressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They constitute a global agenda comprising 17 goals and 160 targets to be achieved by 2030. The SDGs were agreed on in 2015 during the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development. Our programmes are aimed at contributing to the achievement of these goals. Below we highlight the priority SDGs for the Territorial Development of the South of Bahia program.

Erradicação da Pobreza
Fome zero e agricultura sustentável
Saúde e bem-estar
Educação de qualidade
Igualdade de gênero
Água potável e saneamento
Energia limpa e acessível
Trabalho decente e crescimento econômico
Indústria, inovação e infraestrutura
Redução das desigualdades
Cidades e comunidades sustentáveis
Consumo e produção sustentáveis
Ação contra a mudança global do clima
Vida na água
Vida terrestre
Paz, justiça e instituições eficazes
Parcerias e meios de implementação

Who we work with