Who we are

Arapyaú was born in 2008 inspired by the belief that philanthropy can be a force for social, environmental and economic well-being. We believe in collaboration as the only way of confronting complex contemporary challenges. We value dialogue and seek to link different initiatives and sectors – social, private, public and academia – for the collective construction of innovative solutions.

Within philanthropy our field of action is private social investment. We identify opportunities and voluntarily channel funds and strategic resources to organizations, networks and projects engaged in promoting sustainable development. We value long-term commitment and the measurement of results. We seek to strengthen collective initiatives that have great potential to transform society. 

We are part of Maraé, a group made up of companies, non-profit and impact investment organizations in essence committed to sustainability in all its dimensions.


To contribute to the effective promotion of sustainable development through networking and the collective construction of innovative solutions that drive environmental, social and economic well-being.


A prosperous, fair and inclusive society that believes in the power of collaboration and works together to build a more sustainable world.


Doing things together means doing them better. It requires empathy, dialogue and cooperation. We stimulate linkage between what is similar and what is different, networking and the construction of shared paths.


The socioenvironmental challenges of our times are complex. Confronting them requires creativity and boldness. We value viewpoints that challenge the status quo, and we encourage the pursuit of disruptive solutions, capable of generating systemic changes.


We work on the parts aware of the whole. We know our actions affect the relations we establish and the context that surrounds us. Recognizing and celebrating interdependence gives us the opportunity to be more effective and to work together for the common good.

Management by impact

We pursue excellence in our activities, and we want to transform realities in a concrete manner. We believe that addressing the causes of the complex questions of sustainability, and not their symptoms, accelerates changes and leverages impact.

Entrepreneurship for sustainability

Being enterprising means identifying opportunities, building new solutions, being capable of involving and mobilizing others towards transformation. We believe that this power, placed at the service not just of one, but of all, can change the world.

Our founder talks about Arapyaú’s contribution to society: