Who we are

The Arapyaú Institute is a Brazilian philanthropic institution that promotes development based on the appreciation of natural, social and economic dimensions.

We articulate and mobilize civil society, philanthropy, academia, the public and private sector to foster transformative networks capable of creating systemic and scalable solutions that respond to challenges such as climate change and the loss of biodiversity. We believe in collaboration and diversity as the only way to tackle these issues.

Throughout our history we have encouraged the creation of transformative networks, such as: the Brazilian Coalition on Climate and Forests and Agriculture, MapBiomas, Amazon Concertation, the Southern Bahia Regional Development Agency (ADR) and the Political Articulation Network for Sustainability (RAPS). Arapyaú also encouraged the creation of organizations such as Tabôa Fortalecimento Comunitário, the Cocoa Innovation Center, Geographic Identification South of Bahia, among others.

Currently, our Institute focuses on the Legal Amazon and the South of Bahia, two territories with recognized natural capital.