Strengthening the cocoa chain

Cocoa and chocolate produced with care for the environment could drive the development of the south of Bahia. We are part of a growing movement in the region focused on strengthening this production chain and revitalizing “cabruca”, the Atlantic Rainforest cocoa.

We work with leaders and institutions from all sectors to create common goals and initiatives. We foster public policy for incentives for the sector and we participate in sector and academic forums.

Producers’ Consortium

One of Arapyaú’s missions is to strengthen and energize the cocoa chain in the south of Bahia. One of the projects developed for this is the Producers’ Consortium. The pilot initiative is aimed primarily at encouraging collective mobilization among the producers, aimed at stimulating a spirit of cooperation and prospecting the opening of a new market (quality/premium) to add value to the cabruca cocoa. We believe that in the future many other small and medium sized producers may have access to the opportunities that will arise for the cocoa producing region.

Economic Modelling of Cabruca Cocoa

With the commitment to strengthen the Cocoa Chain as a driver of sustainable socio- economic development in the south of Bahia, Arapyaú engages in knowledge production with partnering organizations. And the economic modelling of cabruca cocoa production is one of the focuses. The purpose of the study is gain more in-depth knowledge of investment in this production system which is highly important for conserving the region’s environmental assets and providing guidance for smallholders on their properties.

We organized the creation of a consortium of producers who want to access new markets and consolidate the reputation of cocoa from the south of Bahia in Brazil and overseas. And we participate in the creation of initiatives such as the Cocoa Innovation Centre, which supports producers in the analysis of raw materials and disseminates knowledge about high quality cocoa and chocolate.

For three generations we produced commodity cocoa. Now we have improved our quality and supply to the chocolate market. We are part of a consortium that is seeking premium markets in Brazil and abroad. We are not only exporting our cocoa, but also our history and that of the Atlantic Rainforest.”

Lucas Arléo, producer, Santa Rita farm, in Ilhéus.