Coalition Brazil Climate, Forest and Agriculture

The Coalizão Brasil Clima, Florestas e Agricultura is the largest multi-sector group in Brazil dedicated to promoting a low carbon economy. Comprising more than 290 members, it includes representatives from agribusiness, NGOs, environmentalists, academics, trade associations and businesses in diverse sectors – such as finance, steel and forestry.

The purpose of the Coalition is to influence the creation of public policies and economic incentives oriented to sustainable land use. The proposals are based on scientific studies and empirical knowledge and are forwarded to decision makers in the public and private sectors. The participating institutions advocate that stimulating agriculture, livestock breeding and forestry activities in a way that is compatible with environmental conservation could generate a new wave of prosperity for the country, creating jobs and driving economic growth.

The movement was created in 2015 with the innovative proposal of uniting sectors that hitherto had little to do with each other in pursuit of convergence. Among other things, the resulting consensuses have led to the construction of a future vision for the forests and agriculture in the country and the elaboration of proposals for candidates in the 2018 Elections.

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Mudanças Climáticas: Riscos e Oportunidades para o Desenvolvimento do Brasil – Propostas da Coalizão Brasil aos Candidatos às Eleições 2018. Download here!